The meaning of the dog’s tail bend became clear: Shiv Sena leader Pratap Sarnaik’s controversial statement on Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai: The ongoing feud between Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Shiv Sena is not going away. Kangna has reached Manali from Mumbai today (September 14). On reaching Chandigarh, Kangana targeted the Shiv Sena. After which Shiv Sena leader Pratap Sarnaik has given a controversial statement. He has resorted to the saying that the dog’s tail does not straighten for Kangna. He also said that Kangana has blackened the faces of her supporters.

Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik from Thane in Maharashtra has targeted Kangana by tweeting in Marathi. He wrote, “If you put a dog’s tail in a tube, it stays crooked. Its meaning is clear today. The faces of all those who supported Kangana last week to give trouble to Shiv Sena have turned black today. ”

See Pratap Saranaik’s tweet here

David will provide security tomorrow

Sarnaik has also targeted the central government for providing Y category security to Kangana. He said give security to Kangana first and if Dawood says tomorrow, will you give him protection too? This controversial statement by Sarnaik is likely to escalate the controversy once again. Earlier, Shiv Sena leader and MP Sanjay Raut had insulted Kangana. After which Sanjay Raut came under the target of people.

Call Shiv Sena Sonia Army

At the same time, Kangana, in a tweet reaching Chandigarh, called Shiv Sena Sonia Sena. He said that there was a day when the mother felt cold in Mumbai, today is the day when millions of lives were saved. Kangana tweeted, “On reaching Chandigarh, my security name is just left, people are congratulating me happily. Looks like I survived this time. There was a day when I used to feel the cold in my mother’s womb in Mumbai. “Today is the day when millions of lives were saved. With the formation of Sonia Sena from Shiv Sena, there are millions of terrorist regimes in Mumbai.

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