Sushant case: AIIMS team meeting with CBI postponed

Mumbai: Everyone is waiting for the AIIMS report in the Sushant Singh Rajput case as only then will it be clear whether it is a case of suicide or murder. But it looks like the wait will be long. According to reports, the meeting of AIIMS doctors with CBI has now been adjourned till Tuesday, September 22.

The viscera and post-mortem report is to be discussed at a meeting of AIIMS doctors with the CBI. It is expected that many secrets related to Sushant will come out only after this meeting. In the Sushant case, the CBI SIT team gave details of the investigation so far to senior officials and also provided information on the evidence collected so far. The CBI’s forensic team has also released reports related to the case of Sushant’s death and pictures of recreation of crime scenes. Let me tell you that the CBI investigation into Sushant’s case is still ongoing.

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