Sherlyn, in support of Kangana, says – Stars raise slogans of depression by blowing up goods

Mumbai: On World Mental Health Day, Kangana Ranaut promoted her film ‘Judgmental Hai Kya’. In his tweet, he shared a scene from the film ‘Judgmental Hai Kya’ and said that he made the film with the aim of raising awareness about mental health, but the release of his film has raised hurdles. In the tweet, he also lashed out at Deepika Padukone and now Kangana has been backed by actress Sherlyn Chopra.

Let it be known that Kangana wrote in her tweet that we have made this film to make people aware about this mental health. My film was shot in court. The media banned me. I had to change the name of my film at the last minute due to the shop of depression. The release of my film was hampered because I made a good film. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then you need to watch ‘Judgmental Hai Kya’ on the occasion of World Mental Health Day.

Does a worker who works morning and evening not have depression ?: Sherlyn

Shirley retweeted Kangana’s tweet and wrote, Kangana ji, to be honest you, these people are blowing up and shouting slogans of depression and pushing the young generation of the country into darkness. The laborer who works morning and evening to earn two days’ bread, is not depressed? Should we start consuming goods to relieve depression?

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