Shah Rukh Khan cooked for the family in the lockdown.

During the Covid-14 lockdown, when Shah Rukh Khan was filling the house like everyone else, he tried to have the best time with his family. During this time he tried to cook a new dish for his children Aryan, Suhana, Abram and wife Gauri, and he succeeded. Gauri says that when we were too scared to order food from outside, Shah Rukh himself became the home chef, and made it a tasty, cool-yummy disease for all of us. While I was enjoying the cooking, I used to enjoy the delicious dish I made.

My son recently completed a filmmaking course at Aryan University of Southern California. He is currently home and watching movies at home. Suha is busy with online classes, she is studying at the University of New York. Little Abram doesn’t have school so he has fun with us at home.

Shah Rukh sat in his house and shot various videos and commercials. He has also sung a song with Abrams for the IforIndia concert.

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