Savita Bajaj was admitted to the ICU

Mumbai: Film ‘Nadia Ke Par’ fame actress Savita Bajaj is going through a very difficult phase of her life. Savita Bajaj, who is annoyed for one-on-one money, was recently told that she is also very upset due to financial issues along with her illnesses. The shortage of money is such that even in the old age home no one is ready to support them. Now there are reports that Savita Bajaj’s health has deteriorated and she has been admitted to the ICU. Actress Nupur Alankar has confirmed this.

Savita Bajaj has been admitted to hospital due to sudden illness. Actress Nupur Alankar told the media that her condition is currently showing some improvement, but she is still in the ICU under the care of doctors.

Actress Nuper said Savita Bajaj was having trouble breathing, after which she was rushed to a hospital. However, he will be shifted to the general ward as soon as his health improves.

The actress said that there is not even a small window in the walk in which she (Savita Bajaj) lives. After seeing this, I thought we should talk to some old age home, but because of Corona, no one is willing to admit. “So far I have called 5 to 6 old age homes, but have not received a positive response,” he said. I even met many people who disconnected the phone after hearing this.

Recently, Savita Bajaj said that the support she is getting from the Writers Association and Sinta (Cine and Television Artists Association) is her only support. He said he receives Rs 2,000 from the Writers’ Association and Rs 5,000 from the CNTA, from which he lives.

Describing her grief, actress Bajaj said, “I have no one to take care of me. 25 years ago I decided that I would go back to my hometown Delhi, but no one from my family wanted to keep me. “I have earned a lot, helped many in need, but today the situation is such that I need help,” he said.

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