Rapper Cardi BA poses like mother Durga for the promotion of boots, people erupted on Twitter, now apologized

Rapper Cardi B (Cardi B) is always in the discussion for some reason. Whether it’s his personal life or professional life, rapper Cardi B is known for his controversies. Now once again he is looking at the contract. This time he has come into controversy by taking a picture of himself. Cardi B has now also apologized for this pose.

In fact Cardi is stuck in a contract with a picture of him. He himself posted this picture in which he was seen in the pose of Hindu Goddess Durga. Cardi B posed for the cover of a footwear magazine, featuring her with 8 arms as an incarnation of the goddess. Not only that, during the photoshoot Cardi B wore a shoe in one hand and a red glass dress.

Users on social media get very angry when this picture comes up. Many users have called it an insult to Maa Durga, many people have done injustice to the pose given in this way. However, some social media users did not like the presentation. Many criticized Cardi for comparing this idol and Mother Durga. At the same time, Twitter is now starting to do a card trend.

Now Cardi B posted an apologetic video in his Instagram story. Cardi said, “Friends, I’m sorry. My intention was not to offend or insult any religion or culture. “They can’t change the past but will do better research in the future,” he said. Love you guys. ‘

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