Prime Minister Modi, impressed by Ajay Devgn’s son Yuga, said this in praise

Mumbai: Two days ago, on September 17, Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated his 70th birthday. On this occasion, many social media were flooded with congratulatory messages for Prime Minister Modi. Everyone was seen wishing their beloved leader a happy birthday. This includes Bollywood celebs. Prime Minister Modi also responded to the greetings of some such people. Ajay Devgn was also included in this.

Prime Minister Modi thanked Ajay Devgn for giving the best message and also encouraged Putra Yuga. Indeed, Ajay Devgn sent happy birthday wishes to the Prime Minister via Twitter. He wrote, “Modiji, happy 70th birthday. You get more power. Sir. ” He also wrote Happy Birthday PM Modi with a hashbag.

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The Prime Minister responded to Ajay Devgn’s congratulatory message. He wrote, “I am happy to receive your greetings. Glad to see Yuga working to make the earth green on his birthday. Awareness is commendable. ” It may be mentioned that September 13 was the birthday of Ajay Devgn’s son Yuga. He is 10 years old. Ajay Devgn shared a picture of the era on social media.

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Yuga missed Kajol

In this picture Yuga was planting plants on her birthday. She also wrote a sweet birthday note to Ajay Devgn by sharing a picture of the era. He wrote, “By working on it, tomorrow will be greener. Can’t say anything more than this. Happy birthday. ” Yuga was missing his mother Kajol on the occasion of her birthday. He is currently in Singapore with his daughter Nyasa. Colleges have started in Singapore, so Kajol has been living there with her daughter for the past few months.

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