Pavitra Poonia wants to date Abhinav, Rubina responded

MUMBAI: In the reality show Bigg Boss, relationships keep forming and breaking up. Sometimes someone starts dating someone, someone breaks up a close friendship in an instant. Now even in BB14, the equation of relationships is seen to be changing. Competitors have not only started liking each other, but many are also openly expressing their love.

Pavitra wants to date Abhinav

Now Pavitra Poonia has expressed her desire to date Abhinav Shukla, husband of Ruby Dilek. According to a news portal, Jasmine has told Rubina at Bigg Boss’s house that Pavitra wants to go on a date with Abhinav. Pavitra considers innovation very intelligent. In his eyes, he could communicate well with her. Pavitra has even said that if Abhinav had not got married, she would have definitely dated him.

Rubina reacted

Rubina Dilek has also reacted to Pavitra’s proposal. He has welcomed Pavitra’s idea and asked to go on a date with Abhinav. He also said that he would not mind the date. In such a situation if any different chemistry is found in the house of Bigg Boss, it should come as no surprise.

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