‘My life is like Tanishq’s ad’: Find out why Richa Chadha said this

Mumbai: A few days ago, an ad by Tanishq caused a stir across the country. An advertisement depicting Hindu-Muslim unity went wrong on social media. One department started claiming that Love Jihad was being promoted by that ad. It was also said that this ed had insulted Hinduism. Due to this, Tanishq Ad was also deleted. But now actress Richa has made a big statement.

Richa feels that his love life is like Tanishq Ed

Richa has compared her love life to Tanishq’s controversial ad. In his eyes, he loves Ali Fazal very much and he also gets love and respect from his family. “My life is like Ed’s,” he says in an interview with a news portal. I have received a lot of love from Ali’s family, our family has also given him a lot of love. I feel sorry for those who are also suffering from the decision to marry someone.

Now Richa is targeting everyone who tried to spoil the atmosphere of the country without naming Ed. By giving his own example, he tried to prove that no matter what the religion, love is always the best. However, this Bollywood couple has been in the headlines for a very long time. Earlier, there were reports that Richa and Ali would get married in April this year. But Koro’s epidemic forced him to postpone the plan. A new date has not yet been announced.

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