Kiara Advani, who was angry at the journalist for taking a wrong name in the program, said this

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kiara Advani is enjoying the best face of her career right now. She started her career in 2014 with the comedy film ‘Fagli’, but won the hearts of fans with her powerful acting and beauty. These days she is enjoying the recently released film ‘Indu Ki Jawani’. The film was released on December 11. The film has not received a good response but its artistry is being appreciated.

Here we will talk about the incident when Kiara Advani got angry in an incident. In this program, Kiara Advani was answering the questions of some journalists. During this time, a reporter asked a question that he answered angrily.

‘Kyara Nahin Kiara’

Kiara Advani asked the reporter, “What did you tell me? You call me Kyra or Kyara? ” Kiara then said he would not answer a reporter’s question who would take his name incorrectly. After this, he told reporters that he should just call Kiara correctly.

Box office collection of ‘Indu Ki Jawani’

As far as the box office collection of ‘Indu Ki Jawani’ is concerned, this film has not done anything special. Released on December 11, the first day’s net collection of the film was around Rs 25 lakh. On the second day of publication, the third day on Saturday and Sunday, there was no significant increase in the collection. At the same time, trade experts say that if Indu’s youth had been released during normal days, the box office collection could have been Rs 75 lakh on the first day.

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