KBC: What does Amitabh Bachchan see on his computer screen? Know all the details

Mumbai: The most popular small screen reality quiz show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ is set to resume from September 28. This time many things will be different than before, one of which is not the audience on the show. This will be the first time in history from KBC that there will be no audience on set. Apart from this many rules have been changed.

How to play the game online The procedure will be the same as before. That is, Amitabh and the contestants will sit in front of their computer screens and then the game will start. We’ve all seen what can be seen on a competitor’s computer screen sitting in a hot seat. But have you ever wondered what things appear on the computer screen in front of Amitabh?

A man who was a rival of Kaun Banega Crorepati revealed the secret. Abhinav, who earned Rs 12 lakh 50 thousand in KBC, was sitting behind Amitabh while playing the fastest finger first. He said he was sitting there, Amitabh’s screen and all the other things appearing.

Amitabh knows the answer first

Abhinav said that all the information about the player sitting on the hot seat is visible to Amitabh on his screen. Apart from this when the player answers the question by locking the answer, it can be seen on Amitabh’s screen whether the answer to this question is true or false.

Abhinav said that there is a black zone in the computer screen of Big B from where both the computers can be operated. He said that in this black zone, all the material is written. Apart from this, everything is shown on Amitabh’s computer screen, from the amount won by the players and the questions in the lifeline used.

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