Kapil Sharma’s statement about trolls came, find out what he said

Mumbai: Comedian Kapil Sharma’s presence on social media makes his fans very happy. She always shares photos and videos of her personal life among her fans. Fans post comments on their posts. Some of those comments are good and some are even bad. In today’s language, bad comments are called trolling, and those who make such comments are called trolls. What is the effect of this comment on Kapil Sharma in such a situation? The comedian himself has told about this.

Kapil Sharma says he doesn’t pay much attention to trolls and believes in making the world a better place through his jokes. In fact, Kapil was spotted on social media a while back as he made no mention of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput in his show.

How does he cope with trolling? In response, Kapil said, “I just focus on making my fans laugh and tickle and I believe in making the world a better place through my jokes. I don’t pay much attention to trolls. “

Kapil is currently having a lot of fun with his stage. Last year, he became a father and is now involved in shows created specifically for children.

Kapil says, “I consider myself very blessed. Every day I get new offers. Even before I became a father, I wanted to do something for my children. This is the result of ‘Kapil Sharma Show’. You must have seen the incarnations of children. I will continue to do more for the children. “The Honey Bunny Show with Kapil Sharma” is a good start. “

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