Kangana said – reserves are found on the basis of poverty, lamented the condition of Brahmins

Mumbai: The issue of reserves is considered very sensitive in the country. This is when the government is overthrown or formed on one issue and this is formed on one issue. There has been a long-running debate over what the basis for reservations should be. Should reservations be made on the basis of race or economic status? Now, Kangana Ranaut has expressed his opinion on this important issue.

Kangana’s big statement about reserves

Kangana made it clear in a tweet on social media that reserves should always be met on the basis of poverty. In their view, it is not appropriate to make reservations in the name of caste. He writes – Reserves should always be given on the basis of poverty. There should be no reservation in the name of caste. I know that the Rajput community is in a lot of trouble, but looking at the condition of the Brahmins it is very sad.

Now Kangana Ranaut has said two big things in his tweet. On the one hand, he has advocated reservation on the basis of poverty, on the other hand, he has expressed concern over the condition of Brahmins. In her tweet, Kangana mentioned Brahmins as the user shared this post and said that 55% of Brahmins are those who are below the poverty line. Kangana has also made statements about reservations earlier and every time those statements are slammed. This time too people are giving their opinion on social media. Many seem to agree with Kangana’s views.

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