Kangana Ranaut said – I have never been a barrier, I will do this work if it is proved

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has been active on the platform since she joined Twitter. Kangna joined this microblogging site to bring Sushant to justice, but after a while, he suffered personal loss due to a verbal discussion with Shiv Sena on Sushant’s case.

BMC operated a bulldozer on Kangana’s office worth Rs 48 crore, whose problems Kangana has not yet forgotten. Since then, Kangana has been directly or indirectly targeting the Maharashtra government. Recently, she did another tweet in which she did not name anyone, but it seems that she is doing this tweet while addressing Shiv Sena.

Kangana Ranaut wrote in her tweet that, I may look like a very naughty girl but that is not true, I have a record that I have never started a fight, if anyone can prove this wrong I will leave Twitter, I will never The fight itself doesn’t start, but I just end it. Lord Krishna has said that when someone tells you to fight, you should not reject it. ”

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