Kangana, in support of Wajid Khan’s wife, urges PMO on conversion rule

Kamal Rukh Khan, wife of late film composer Wajid Khan, had created a sensation on social media that Wajid’s family was forcing him to convert. After Kamal Rukh’s revelation, Kangna Arnot tried to reconsider the law on protection and conversion of the Parsi community in his support.

Kangana tweeted on Sunday, “Parsis are really a minority in this country. They did not come as attackers. He took refuge here and begged for the love of Mother India. Their small population has contributed immensely to the beauty, progress and economy of this country.

She is the widow of my late friend. A Parsi woman who is being harassed by her family for converting. I would like to ask the Prime Minister’s Office that those who do not pretend to be a minority sympathizer, do not scratch their heads, do not riot and do not convert… the population of Parsis is seriously declining.

She can know the character of her child, the mother of India. The child who plays unnecessarily and colors and cries most benefits. And the person who is competent, sensitive, worthy and kind becomes more naughty. We need to rethink the law of conversion.

What is the case

Kamal Rukh Khan gave his point to the people through Instagram, in which he talked about the harassment of Wajid Khan’s family after the interracial marriage. Kamal has written a long post on Instagram and narrated the story of the atrocities that started.

Kamal Rukh said that before marriage she was in a relationship with Wajid Khan for 10 years. Describing his experience, Kamalrukh wrote, “I am a Parsi and he was a Muslim. You called her “college girlfriend.” Eventually, we got married, we got married for love under the Special Marriage Act. That is why the discussion on the anti-conversion bill is so interesting to me. I would like to share my experience of interracial marriage where a woman has to face hardship and discrimination in the name of religion, which is completely shameful. And is an eye opener. ‘

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