Juhi Chawla’s diamond earring missing at Mumbai airport, finder will get a prize

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla is very upset these days. In fact, Juhi Chawla’s diamond earring fell at the Mumbai airport. Annoyed at the loss of the earrings, Juhi also mentioned his problems on social media and asked people to help him find his missing earrings. Juhi’s post is going viral.

Juhi will reward those who get earrings

“I was on my way to gate number 8 of Mumbai airport in the morning,” Juhi wrote in her post while sharing pictures of the other pair. I checked at the emirate counter, security was checked, but somewhere in between my diamond earring fell. I would be happy if someone could help me. Juhi also told people, “If anyone catches his eye, he should report it to the police.” This is my matching piece that I have been wearing for 15 years. Please help me find it. Juhi also wrote that whoever gets their earring will be rewarded.


Users are commenting on the post

Let it be known that users are constantly responding to Juhi’s post on Twitter. The post has received over 6,000 likes so far. At the same time, users are also commenting. One user wrote that they hope to get Juhi’s earring soon, one user commented, ‘You tweeted about your earring disappearing, it means it was very special to you. Hope to see you soon. Good luck. ‘

So far, Juhi has not updated her tweets.

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