Jaya Prada attacks Jaya Bachchan – ‘Wo jaanti hai thali me kon chhed kar raha hai’

Mumbai: Actress Jaya Prada has come out in support of Ravikishan after her statement in the Rajya Sabha. “Jaya Bachchan knows very well who is digging holes in the plate,” he said in an exclusive interview with the media. (‘Wo jaanti hai thali me kon chhed kar raha hai’)

Jaya Prada in support of Ravi Kishan

Is raising the issue of drugs in Bollywood a piece of cake or a clarification that is needed at this time?

In response to this question, Jaya Prada supported Ravi Kishan and said – ‘No one can defame the industry, no one has the strength. As far as Ravi Kishanji is concerned, considering the statement given in Parliament, I felt that I should stand with Ravi Kishanji. Because they didn’t say wrong. He said few in the industry have been affected by drugs. Drug dealing needs to stop. It is important to protect the youth of the country from drugs. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. There is no position to blame the industry entirely.

‘We too have been in this industry from small to large. Is due to the industry. We are proud of his work as a senior artist. Several drug dealers have also been arrested following Riya Chakraborty’s statement. But why did Jayaji think so, she was very angry. He said he would not accept, this is an insult to the industry. I mean maybe he’s taking it personally. I think this is the effect of some politics. In politics it is the party with which it is associated. This could be the effect of that party. This should not be taken politically.

Jaya Prada further said, “Today we are discussing a few people from the industry. We worry about a few young people. How to stop this drug mafia. I respect Jayaji. But the kind of statement that has come out, I want to support Ravi Kishanji. Jayaji, you said you make a hole in the plate you eat. Who are you saying this to? You know who’s punching a hole in the plate. ‘

How did the case start?

It may be recalled that BJP MP Ravi Kish had on Monday, September 14, told the Lok Sabha that the Center should take strict action against the spread of drug culture in Bollywood. After this, SP MP Jaya Bachchan also said that action should be taken against the culprits but the entire Bollywood industry should not be discredited. You are cutting into the same plate you are eating.

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