In the Sushant case, the NCB arrested a major drug supplier, linked to these people

Mumbai: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has arrested a driver named Sahil Mazhar Ali in the Sushant Singh Rajput-Riya drugs case. NCB has recovered 7.1 grams of charas from accused Sahil Mazhar Ali. The remand issued by the NCB in the court also mentioned that the accused taxi driver Sahil Mazhar Ali was arrested as a drug carter by Agisialos Demetriades, the brother of the famous Bollywood actor’s girlfriend.

In such a situation, different routes of the drug syndicate have come out, which is still under investigation. The accused taxi driver is currently being remanded in judicial custody till Monday. In remand of accused Sahil Mazhar Ali, the NCB has said that the girlfriend of famous Bollywood actor and brother of African National Agiciolos demetriads has been arrested as a drug carter. In an inquiry into his colleagues and the syndicate, he said Sahil Mazhar Ali, who was driving a taxi in the Bandra area, kept charas, marijuana and facilitated it.

This is how drugs were supplied

Apart from this he also provided cocaine to Agiciolos demetriades. According to sources in the Narcotics Control Bureau, during the interrogation, the cocaine consignment was found outside the gate at Capri Heights in Baffra to the African National Aggielos Demetriads, the home of the famous Bollywood actor.

Accused Sahil Mazhar Ali also used to supply LSD and MDMA at various places through different drug dealers. And his strings were connected to a syndicate of various drugs. According to the NCB investigation, the accused taxi driver Sahil Mazhar Ali was a drug supplier of Agiciolos Demetrius and the suspects arrested in the drug case of Sugant Singh Rajput were Sandeep Gupta, Anuj Keswani, Dovan Drug Dealers Supplier.

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