In the ongoing controversy between Anushka Sharma and Sunil Gavaskar, Kangana Ranaut drips, telling Anushka this

MUMBAI: Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar recently made a comment on Anushka Sharma about Virat Kohli’s performance, about which he was trolled. Anushka Sharma has written a post on Instagram commenting on Sunil Gavaskar’s statement. Now the whole matter has come up against Kangna Ranaut’s reaction.

Anushka Sharma responded to Sunil Gavaskar via her Instagram post. Anushka further writes – ‘You could have targeted my husband’s performance with another word, but you also pulled my name, is this true? This is going to be 2020, but things are not going well for me today. I am always drawn to cricket. I have a lot of respect for you. You are the giant of this game. I want to tell you how I felt when you took my name.

“Anushka Sharma remained silent when I was threatened and called a scoundrel, but today when she herself faced such a thing, I condemn that Sunil Gavaskar dragged her into cricket like this, but also to show feminism on a few things,” Kangana tweeted. Not right. ‘

Kangana further tweeted, “Anushka Sharma is playing the role of a cricketer in her next film. She is also seen in several videos practicing with Virat Kohli. Earlier, Anushka wrote on her Insta Story, ‘Gavaskar ji, your message is a disturbing fact’.

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