Impressed by Corona’s Warrior Doctor’s dance, Hrithik says – I will perform like you

New Delhi: Hrithik Roshan is known for his films as well as his fitness and dance. The song ‘Ghoonghru Toot Gaye’ from his previous film ‘War’ has become very popular among the fans. Hrithik’s steps were discussed a lot in this song and many memes were also made on this song. Now the Warrior Doctor of Corona in Assam has given a performance on this song. Hrithik was very impressed with the man’s dance and said that he would like to learn his steps.

Hrithik tweeted to a user. The tweet read, ‘Meet my covid duty colleague, this is Dr. Arup Senapati. He is the surgeon of ENT of Silchar Medical College, Assam. They dance in front of Kovid’s patients to make them feel better.

In this video, it can be seen that Dr. Arup is seen dancing in style to Hrithik’s song ‘Ghoonghru Toot Gaye’. Hrithik shared the video and wrote in the caption, ‘Tell Dr. Arup that I will learn his steps and one day give an excellent dance performance like his in Assam. This is beautiful. ‘

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