Implement cricket reforms in Andhra districts, clubs: Ombudsman


New Delhi, Nov 12 (IANS) The Andhra Cricket Association (ACA) Ombudsman, Justice (Retd) G Krishnamohan Reddy, has asked the ACA to implement the new cricket reforms, based on the Supreme Court-approved constitution of the Indian cricket board, in all its district associations and clubs within three months. The deadline has been set at February 10, 2021.

“There had been delay due to the Covid-19 situation which has been acknowledged by the Ombudsman. Now that the Ombudsman has asked us to implement it, we will implement it,” an official of the ACA told IANS.

“The implementation of the reforms should not only be confined to the KDCA (Krishna District Cricket Association) but should also be confined to all the cricketing associations and cricket clubs which are the full members of ACA. In other words, what is important is that there should be uniformity in the implementation of reforms in the state of Andhra Pradesh,” wrote Justice Reddy while responding to a complaint filed by the KDCA.


“The other district associations and the cricket clubs are not parties in the present case to extend the orders to be passed here simultaneously. However, this authority, taking into consideration the powers of ACA to implement the reforms and the need to implement these reforms in the state uniformly, has to be given necessary instructions in that direction to the ACA,” he wrote.

The Supreme Court has said the BCCI’s constituent states should implement reforms based on the new constitution it has approved.



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