How is Rhea paying the fees of a high profile lawyer? Satish Manshind replied

Mumbai: The mystery of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has not been solved yet and the case has become extremely high profile. People are watching every aspect related to the investigation of this case. This is the reason why there was a lot of discussion about the fees of Riya Chakraborty’s lawyer Satish Manshinde a while back and it was also said on social media how an average actress like Riya Chakraborty can afford the fees of a high profile lawyer like Satish. Rihanna’s lawyer recently had a special conversation with the media on the issue.

Satish Manshinde said- I and my client have been trolling on media and social media for a long time. This is very inevitable and wrong. Many people also say that I am fighting their case for free, this is also not true. The issue of fees is between me and my client and the way I am constantly attacked on social media, I just want to tell those media houses to be happy.

Earlier, Satish also spoke about the formation of a medical team on Sushant’s case. “It is a dangerous trend to reveal 200 per cent of the photographs taken by Gupta to the AIIMS doctor leading the medical team in Sushant’s case,” he said. The CBI should form a new medical board to make the investigation fair and free from tampering.

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