Hema Malini backs Jaya Bachchan’s drug statement, it is wrong to target the entire industry

MUMBAI: Ever since Sushant Singh came up against the drug angle in the Rajput case, there has been an uproar in the entire industry. The controversy which was earlier limited to only one case, has now penetrated the whole of Bollywood. Bollywood and its drug connection has become an issue that is also hotly debated in the House. In the Rajya Sabha, Jaya Bachchan, while targeting Ravi Kishan, said that some of the stars had worked to make a hole in the plate in which they ate, a statement that has caused a great deal of controversy. While many celebs are supporting Jaya, stars like Kangana are also trying to mirror her.

Hema Malini in support of Jaya

Now actress Hema Malini has agreed with Jaya Bachchan’s views. In his view it is wrong for some people to defame the whole industry or to associate everyone with drugs. In an interview to a news portal, Hema said, “Why is it only about Bollywood?” This is happening in many industries. That should be happening in our industry as well. But that doesn’t mean the whole industry is bad. The way Bollywood is being targeted is wrong. Not at all.

In such a situation the issue is now politicized and this round of accusations is not going to end soon. The NCB has intensified its probe into the Sushant case. After Riya Chakraborty, actresses like Sara Ali Khan and Rakul Preet Singh have also come on her radar.

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