For the first time in the history of KBC, the contestant reached the hot seat without playing the fastest finger first.

MUMBAI: For the first time in Thursday’s October 15 episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, Amitabh gave a chance to appear in the hot seat without playing contestant Fastest Finger First. For the first time in the 12-year history of this biggest and most popular TV show, Amitabh was seen doing something like this in the show.

Runa Saha, a rival from West Bengal, missed out on winning the Fastest Finger First twice in a row. After this she started crying on the set and seeing them getting emotional, Amitabh called Runa on the set. Runa got very emotional when she was called to the hot seat by Amitabh and started crying loudly after sitting on the chair.

Explaining to Runa, Amitabh said that the time for crying is over and the time for tissues has come. Amitabh handed Runa a tissue paper and told her to stay calm. She very quickly crossed the ten thousand rupees level while playing the game with great sensitivity.

Endured these things in life

Runa will start the game as a rollover competitor on Friday. Runa tells her story on the show. She told how she got married at a young age and mostly she was engaged in housework. Yet she wanted to create an identity of her own.

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