Farmers protest: Himanshi Khurana erupts over Kangana’s tweet, says it is wrong if someone else saves his house?

Participating in Bigg Boss 13, Himanshi Khurana has opened a front against Kangna Arnot on social media. Himanshi has responded to the tweet of Kangana farmers protesting. However, Kangana has not yet responded to Himanshi’s tweet.

Himanshi shared a cartoon on Monday and wrote: “If these old women took money to join the mob, how much money did you take to protect the government? Himanshi has tagged Kangana in this tweet. Farmers have also written hashtags in support of the protest. Farmers in the country are protesting against the farmers’ bill, to which many have reacted on social media. There have been tweets in favor and against the demonstration.

Himanshi also tweeted in response to Kangana’s tweet, in which he called the High Court decision on his office a victory for democracy. This screenshot was shared by Himanshi on Insta and written with It-Shameless. In response to Kangana’s video, Himanshi wrote, “It is wrong to save your home, thank you and save your home. They do not have a VIP link.

In fact, Himanshi is angry over Kangana’s tweet, in which he made the first comment about the farmers’ performance. Kangana wrote, “Shame. Everyone is trying to make their own bread in the name of farmers. It is expected that the government will not allow anti-national elements to take advantage of it and will not allow another Shaheen Garden to become a gang of bloody vultures.

In response to Kangana’s tweet, Himanshi wrote, “Now let’s not differentiate between you and Bollywood, because in your opinion you were wrong with you, maybe you can connect more with farmers. Then whether it is wrong or true, but it is no less than dictatorship.

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