Durga became Nusrat Jahan, found dead and threatened to kill, complaint registered

Mumbai: Trinamool Congress MP and West Bengal actress Nusrat Jahan is once again receiving threats. Nusrat Jahan recently posed for a photoshoot with the incarnation of Durga, after which he has been receiving constant death threats. Nusrat Jahan has received a threatening post on social media after which he complained that Nusrat is now being given more security.

Indeed, Nusrat Jahan was recently shot in the costume of Durga’s avatar. After he started receiving threats on social media, many people have threatened to kill him.

One user wrote threatening Nusrat Jahan, “The time of your death has come, you can’t cover your body.” Apart from this one user asked Nusrat Jahan to change his name, let me tell you that Nusrat Jahan is married to a Hindu. There was also a lot of commotion during her marriage.

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