Divorce of a foreign actor-actress staying at home in Corona – breakups are happening fast.

Cardi B and Offset divorced three years later. In 2017, the two were secretly married.

Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown ended their six-year marriage this year.

Miley Cyrus and Kodai’s 10-month dating has ended this year. The two had been in a relationship for 10 months.

Beka Kufrin and Garrett Virigome divorced two years later.

Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn have been dating since 2018. Their relationship has broken down this year.

Aaron Rogers and Danica Patrick have been dating for two years. Their relationship broke down in July.

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have been together for seven years. She also had two children.

Elizabeth Chambers and Army Hammer were married in 2010. But by 2020, the two were separated.

Ryan Seekrest and Shayna Taylor’s relationship broke down this year.

Cotton Underwood and Casey Randolph wrote on Instagram about the separation.

Brooks Leach and Julian were married three years later. But now their relationship is not normal.

Scott Dixie and Sophia Sage have been dating for three years. But there is news of a breakup between the two.

On screen and behind the scenes Megan Fox and Brian Austin are now close to breaking the affair.

Lily Reinhart and Cole Spruce separated after three years.

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