Digital Release Is Good, But Want To Watch Films In Theatre First


By Yashika Mathur

Chennai, June 22 (IANS) Tamil actor Kalaiyarasan, who plays Deepam in the new Tamil digital release “Jagame Thandhiram”, says while digital platforms come with multiple benefits, his first love will always be theatres.

“Digital (medium) is very important to all films. In theatres, business has certain criteria but in the digital space we have the freedom to bring in new directors, stories and actors,” he tells IANS.


The actor adds in the same breath: “Growing up, I have seen films in theatres. We would go and sit there for two hours and it’s a great vibe. Whatever mood you’re in, once you enter the theatre it’s a different vibe. Digital world coming to us is something positive but I want to watch my films in theatres first and then have it on digital.”

Kalaiyarasan says he, too, like most others, would have loved to see “Jagame Thandhiram” in the cinemas first.

“I was badly waiting to watch ‘Jagame Thandhiram’ in theatres and to whistle with the fans. But I am happy that it has come online. My friends abroad will be able to see. I think everyone will get to see my film and it’s a good thing for me,” he says.




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