Clash over drugs, clarification of actress Amaya’s lawyer on Lavina’s allegation

Mumbai: Actress Lavi Lodha released a video and leveled serious allegations against film director Mahesh Bhatt. On the one hand, he accused Mahesh Bhatt’s niece Sumit of supplying drugs and girls, while on the other, he accused Mahesh Bhatt of being the dawn of Bollywood. Lavina’s video has gone viral on social media and people have started trolling Mahesh Bhatt.

Amaya’s lawyer clarified Lavina’s allegations

Lavina also mentioned actress Amayara Dastur in the video. He claimed that drugs were given to Amaya and Pubby on behalf of Sumit. Amaya Dastur’s lawyer has now responded to that aspect of the video. As expected, the actress’ lawyer has denied all the allegations made by Lavina Lodh. There is also talk of taking legal action. According to a news portal, the statement issued said – My client (Amaya) completely denies all these statements. This video is based on false and misleading facts. My client has the right to practice all legal route. The client is sad that some people can come to such an extent and carry out such attacks.

What was in that video?

Earlier, Mahesh Bhatt’s lawyer had also termed all the allegations as baseless. It also called for legal action to be taken on the basis of the video. In such a situation, this revelation of Lavina will bring many dramatic turns. There will be a lot of seasons. It is known that in the video, Lavina said, “I came to know that Sumit was supplying drugs to the actors.” Amaya and Sapna was giving to Pubby. His phone also had various pictures of the girls he was showing to other directors. This means that the girl was also supplying. Mahesh Bhatt knew all about this. He is the Dawn of Bollywood. According to Mahesh Bhatt, if nothing happens, they ruin his life. How many artists, directors they have removed from work. Many lives have been ruined.

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