Bigg Boss 14: Jan Kumar Sanu crosses all boundaries to get poetry out of work, find out what he did

Mumbai: Jan Kumar Sanu seems to be very active in the game of Bigg Boss these days and he is also keeping his opinion. No one knows when two friends become enemies in the house and when two enemies become friends. Now Nicky Tamboli seems to be a special friend of Kavita Kaushik. The two are seen bursting with each other. Kaushik doesn’t like Jan Kumar’s poetry at all.

In the next episode, Jan Kumar will be seen facing Sanu Kavita Kaushik. In the promo of the recently released upcoming show, Bigg Boss gave one more chance to get the captaincy. However, not all the members got this opportunity, only 4 former captains of the house got this opportunity. Which includes the name of Kavita Kaushik and he sits in a box to continue his game. Let me tell you, from the day Kavita Kaushik entered the house, she became the captain of the house without doing any captaincy work.

He is clearly seen in the promo, Jan Kumar does not like poetry at all so he will not be able to see him becoming the captain of the house. Jan Kumar Kavita Kaushik is seen spraying oil on it. But Kavita Kaushik remained steadfast. After which Jaan Kumar threatens to put red chili on the poem, now what happens next will be known in the next episode.

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