BB: Broken poem Kaushik’s patience gets emotional after fight with Ali Goni

Mumbai: Kavita Kaushik has been playing safe games since her return to Bigg Boss. Poetry was very aggressive in his first innings. This time she is looking quite calm. It is clear that Kavita is making many efforts to adjust herself to the family and the game. On Monday’s episode, Kavita was also seen crying after a fight with Captain Ali Goni.

Indeed, Kavita said that Ali Goni plays with Rubina, Abhinav and Jasmine in the group. Ali Goni is outraged to see this. Then between you and me you start. The poem called Ali Goni a thug and a scoundrel. Ali gives the correct answer to the words of the poem. The poem feels that Ali has deliberately created a mess. Kavita was also very angry with Ali’s actions.

Emotional after a fight with Kavita Kaushik Ali

Poetry later became emotional in the washroom area. Meanwhile, Ruby’s Dilek and Rahul Vaidya were seen explaining the poem to Kaushik. The poem says- When I walked out of the show I explained to myself that maybe I had chosen the wrong words. The family was scared of me. I could not convince them of my personality. But I was wrong. Such a selfish world. The people here are more selfish. People here talk dirty about stuff. Trying to see all the time.

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