Balika Vadhu Director now sells vegetables

Many people have lost their jobs during the coronavirus lockdown. Especially with TV and film shooting being off for three months, His cast-crew, There was a big cut in the salaries of actors and set workers.

Ram Vriksha Gaur, the director of the well-known and acclaimed TV serial Balika Vadhu, had to endure unemployment during the pandemic. Since the shooting has stopped, they have started selling vegetables to raise money. Currently selling vegetables in Azmargah, Uttar Pradesh.

I originally came to Azmargah to do Reiki of the film, But in the meanwhile I could not come back to Mumbai due to lockdown announcement. And the project we were working on, It also shut down due to lockdown, And the resumption of the project could take more than a year, the producer said. So I took over my father’s business to get a job, And I started selling vegetables. I have no qualms about doing this business, I already know about this business.Gaur said.

He says about his journey in Mumbai When I came to Mumbai in 2009 with the help of my writer friend, Before that, he used to work in the lighting department in a TV show, He then worked in the production department and then in the serial as an assistant director. I used to work in Balika Vadhu as an episode director and unit director.

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