AHMEDABAD: Complaint lodged by Bablu Ahmedabadi and Rupesh Amin protesting against doctor on social media

Today is Mental Health Day and the Corona epidemic is spreading despair and many people have been deprived of their livelihood due to the festivals. Doctors and artists have come up with this in the matter of Navratri celebrations. Social distance is needed to prevent an epidemic. And while it is not possible in a celebration program including Navratri, the issue is now rife on social media.

Garba lovers and some of the people who run the Garba program and run their own business took the rock on Navratri and poured all the blame on the doctors, expressing outrage on social media against the doctors. A person by the name of Bablu Ahmedavadi had posted against the doctors. The whole matter was deleted from Facebook post complained by doctors.

The Indian Medical Association has written a letter to the CM. Has demanded action against the person who posted on social media. Doctors work hard in Corona’s time. More than 500 doctors in the country have died from corona. It is our duty to draw the attention of the government to Navratri. Appropriate action was sought against the defamer doctor.

Five doctors have protested on social media. The names of 5 doctors have gone viral on social media. In which Dr. People have started protesting against Mona Desai, Dr. Mukesh Maheshwari, Dr. Vasant Patel, Dr. Mithali Vasavada and Dr. Prabhakar. On social media, some people threatened to hold a program at doctors’ homes and clinics. Doctors who appealed to the government not to allow Garba to go public in Corona were outraged by the indecent remarks being made on social media.

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