Aditya was rejected by his girlfriend Shweta in the first meeting, thus impressed

Mumbai: Singer and host Aditya Narayan is getting married soon. He is ready to take seven rounds with his girlfriend Shweta Agarwal. But Shweta is going to get married now, there was a time when she faced rejection. Aditya himself has shared that story with everyone. He has said what caused Shweta to reject him and how the matter was later re-set.

Aditya was rejected by his girlfriend

In an interview to a news portal, Aditya explained in detail about his first meeting with Shweta. The two met during the shooting of the film. But Aditya does not consider the visit a date. They say- we can’t call it a date, because we were shooting Cursed. I told Shweta that we would have lunch together. But she rejected the proposal. But then my mother explained to him that if we were doing a movie together we should go to lunch. We went to a restaurant but she was sitting there with her mouth open. She seemed to have done me a favor by coming there.

Now, in Shweta’s eyes, Aditya’s image had become that of a womanizer. She was thinking that Aditya turns all the girls. It was her image that kept her away from Shweta. But according to Aditya, the relationship improved when Shweta found out that he is very close to her family and is a family man. Aditya says about this – Shweta was annoyed because of my image. But when I was talking to the family, he realized that I was a family man. He realized that relationships were important to me too.

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