Aditya Kripalani: Feminism is about equality

Independent filmmaker Aditya Kripalani has opened up on his idea of feminism.

“For me feminism is about equality. It has also become now about women understanding male conditioning and how it works, just as men really should understand women understanding, and that will bring us towards equality. Feminism for me is definitely about equality and humanity, too,” Aditya told IANS.

Kripalani’s films such as “Tottaa Pataaka Item Maal” or “Tikli And Laxmi Bomb” have been centered around women. His latest effort, “Devi Aur Hero”, was recently screened Croatia’s Split Film Festival.


Speaking more about the project, Aditya added: ” ‘Devi Aur Hero’ came out of the fact that we want to see women in a certain way, goddesses in a certain way and we want to see heroes in a certain way and the film flips that on its head in Both cases and we still realize by the end that she is a very cool person and he is a hero.” –IANS/sim/vnc


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