Actress calls Mahesh Bhatt Bollywood’s don, accuses niece of supplying drug-girls

Mumbai: Another controversy has been added to the name of film director Mahesh Bhatt, who has a long association with controversies. Actress Lavina Lodhe has shared a video on social media calling Mahesh Bhatt the Dawn of Bollywood.

In the video, Lavina has also leveled serious allegations against Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew and special filmmaker Sumit Sabharwal. According to him, Sumit was supplying drugs and girls. Lavina has mentioned actresses like Amaira Dastur and Sapna Pubbi.

This video of Lavina has gone viral on social media. The video says – Hello my name is Lavina Lodh. I am making this video for the safety of myself and my family. I was married to Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew Sumit Sabharwal. I have filed a complaint against him.

“I found out that Sumit was supplying drugs to the actors,” says Lavina. Amaira and Sapna were giving like Pubby. His phone also had various pictures of the girls he was showing to other directors. This means that the girl was also supplying.

Until now, Lavina’s allegations were only against Sumit. But she later claimed that Mahesh Bhatt was also aware of all this. He has called Mahesh Bhatt the Dawn of Bollywood – if nothing happens as Mahesh Bhatt says, it will ruin his life. How many actors, directors have they fired? Many lives have been ruined.

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