Aamir Khan shares Paani Foundation’s achievement of turning a barren patch of land into a forest


Aamir Khan is overwhelmed with pride and the reason for it is Paani Foundation’s recent achievement.

In the span of 2 years starting September 2018, inspired by the great Japanese ecologist Akira Miyawaki – Paani foundation in association with Saytrees Environmental trust embarked on their highly ambitious journey, to turn a barren patch of land into a forest.

Two years later, september 2020 this project was successfully completed.
The foundation planted 2000 saplings with the support of villagers from Satara district, Maharashtra. A careful mix of tree species was selected to mimic a forest and minutest attention was paid to the detail of the plantation so that they grew at a rapid speed.

The final outcome is tremendous and to be proud of – extremely dense forest with healthy trees, habitat to animals, insects and much more.


Sharing a heartfelt video, Aamir wrote, “Really proud of this experiment done by the team.
Please watch and give me your reactions.Love.a.”

Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao and the entire Paani Foundation team has been engaging in water conservation activities in and around Maharashtra for many years now. The incredible time and efforts of the foundation has enabled humans, plants and animals to interact harmoniously. Their efforts have sprouted lush, green forests in barren drylands.


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